Arizona's progressive

Legislative Advocacy Firm


Who We Are

Creosote Partners is Arizona's progressive lobbying, government relations, communications, and legislative advocacy firm.

We are dedicated to supporting the success of progressive issues, organizations, and candidates at the Arizona State Capitol and beyond. Through direct legislative action, targeted stakeholder engagement, and full-scale issue management we work with our clients to shape the conversation for progress at the state and local level.

The desert is our home, and we are working every day to ensure that our politics reflect the amazing diversity and complexity of the people who make the Grand Canyon State a vibrant place to live, work, and play.

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Our Team

Marilyn Rodriguez 

Marilyn is one of the foremost government relations and public affairs professionals in Arizona. A widely respected lobbyist at the Capitol, Marilyn approaches her work with the utmost grace and humility. She's proud to serve as the steward for all of her clients' issues and policy objectives.


Geoff Esposito

Geoff is a leader on education policy, with a wealth of experience in advocacy, coalition building and electoral campaigns. He strives to tackle each problem with patience and good humor. Nothing is more important to him than being an effective voice for the causes that improve his community.

Hugo Polanco

Hugo has an expansive portfolio in fundraising from Valley of the Sun nonprofits and political candidates, as well as organizations working to further progressive policies. As a Native Arizonan, Hugo knows the importance of developing a more progressive Grand Canyon State not just for current generations but for future generations to come. Hugo cannot fathom anything that excites him more than being a Creosote Partner, except maybe ending the drought of an NBA Championship for the Phoenix Suns.


Issis Gutierrez

Issis is approachable, reliable, and motivated. She is an indispensable part of the Creosote Partners team, and fully dedicated to keeping things organized, prioritized and less stressful for everyone she comes in contact with. Issis loves her work, but loves her pup Ollie at least twice as much as her coworkers.